So, the situation has become worse today.


As a refresher, Ada/Brittni and I broke up two days ago. I had quit my job about a month before this in order to handle my mental state and deal with my best friend who was murdered at that time. So, I have no current income, but I was going to be receiving one month’s rent from Ada & Brittni to get me on my feet. They are no longer responding to me, so it seems like I’m on my own there.

I’m currently homeless, but I’ve found an apartment that doesn’t run a background check or rental history, so I can actually get an apartment and that’s really fucking good. It’s $540 a month, and they can have me in by Monday, but I need to put down at least $325 in order for that to happen.

I have a place to stay tonight, and potentially tomorrow night too, but I need to get this apartment by Monday and I have not a single cent to my name right now.

My paypal email is and I’m really sorry to keep asking for this /: but thank all of you so far who have helped, I appreciate it so much and it’s the only thing holding me together at the moment. 

Thank you for all of your help.


forreal though if you identify so powerfully with cis men that women talking shit about them tweaks you off maybe your aesthetic needs some work. this whole pretending to be cute while kicking things smaller and weaker than you in the temples isn’t gonna fly. might i suggest making a sloppily drafted cape comic knockoff about meme concepts such as doctors and ninjas who do 90s nostalgia bullshit for an audience of easily pleased children